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Conexa, LLC is dedicated to providing the public with quality attorney representation at prices normally paid to other types of legal services.

Basically, you get the services of a reputable, licensed attorney often for the same rate you would pay a paralegal and other types of so-called legal services and "typing services" for the same kind of uncontested legal matter.

Which would you rather have?

Attorney James E. Smith has been practicing law in Nevada since 1985. He is licensed in Nevada and California and holds a BV rating (highest possible) with Martindale-Hubbell®, the authoritative resource for information on the worldwide legal profession. In addition to Conexa, LLC, Mr. Smith continues provide legal advice and to handle contested and some uncontested legal matters through his regular law practice of James E. Smith, LTD.

Not only are ALL Conexa, LLC filings personally reviewed by Attorney James. E. Smith; once you hire Conexa, LLC to handle your legal case, he becomes your attorney of record.

In other words, when you file an uncontested legal case using the services of Conexa, LLC, the name James E. Smith, Esquire, appears on your legal pleadings as your attorney of record, rendering him responsible for your case and assuring you smooth sailing through the court system.

Paralegal and legal services only type up your documents and file them at court for you as though you had filed your legal case yourself: no more. This means your legal case is filed “in Proper Person”; no attorney’s name appears on your court pleadings - just yours and the Defendant’s. You're on your own.

What does this mean to you personally and how does it affect your legal case?

For one thing, because paralegal services and typing services are not "insiders" to the Nevada and California Bar and are not brought up to date on new laws, regulations, and rules on a regular basis like we are, you can never be certain that your documents are prepared properly as per current requirements for your type of legal matter. And worse, without an attorney on your side, there's no telling what future legal fiasco you might be creating for yourself with legal documents not designed to protect your rights in all ways!

For another, though courts would never admit this, it does seem that cases filed by attorneys move trough the court system faster than cases filed in Proper Person. We’ve done it both ways over the years. We know.

And for yet another, when your case is filed in Proper Person, if your judge has a question or concern before granting your case, he or she will have the court clerk return the documents to you by regular mail and request that you either make an appearance at court to explain yourself, or file other documents to clarify and/or prove your position, which takes more of your time and effort and which can possibly cost you more money. Or worse, the judge will dismiss your case without even talking to you first!

With an attorney of record on your legal pleadings, a judge will instead either put the documents in the attorney’s box at court with a request for further explanation, any changes, or even just call your attorney directly and ask questions and tell him what else the judge needs to grant your case. Conexa, LLC and James E. Smith promptly handles the request and things proceed without a glitch.

You save a lot of time and money!

Why do we do it? James E. Smith, Esq., through Conexa, LLC, is dedicated to providing the public with superior quality legal services for uncontested matters… at the same rates usually charged by paralegals and typing services for the same type of legal case.

Though “an attorney who cares about you” might seem like an oxymoron to many, it is indeed true about James E. Smith. He’s donated countless hours of his time in free case consultation over the years. And it became obvious to him how a business like Conexa, LLC could truly serve the public very well in instances of certain types of uncontested legal matters.

And that’s how Conexa, LLC was born - reliable, ethical, and genuine legal representation and assistance for you, at prices that wont' leave you broke.

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  • Las Vegas Nevada Bankruptcy Attorney with 15 years of experience represents you!
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  • Dedication to truly serving your needs with compassion and integrity, to the best of our ability and power; all without judgment or criticism.






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